When Tara Foster vanished ten years earlier, everybody concluded that she had made herself disappear. But human remains pulled from Oregonís Willamette River by a salvage diver told an entirely different story.

Private investigator Corrigan, having just completed his investigation of the notorious Mendelson-Devonshire case, is hired by the new suspect in what has become the Tara Foster murder investigation, but as cold cases go, this one is as cold as they get. There are no witnesses, and the only piece of physical evidence is the waterlogged piece of carpet the killer had wrapped around the body before tossing it into the river.

As Corrigan digs into the life and death of Tara Foster, other people close to the investigation go missing or die in questionable circumstances. And while that mystery deepens, Corrigan must deal with the ongoing fallout from the Mendelson-Devonshire case, which threatens his life and empties his bank account.

Deadly Gold is a complex, multi-layered mystery that follows the ongoing adventures of Corrigan and the other characters introduced in El Camino, the authorís first novel, and takes you deep into one of the darkest chapters in Oregon history.

Be sure to read El Camino before Deadly Gold, otherwise you'll know how El Camino ends.
Ken Baysinger's
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Publisher's Price
ISBN 978-1-68187-484-5
432 Pages
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